Our warehouses have been the foundation of all the work we have done. They are our secret ingredient to establishing successful projects. Without a functional warehouse supporting our work on the ground, everything else we do would fail. This is why we are constantly investing our energy into finding ways to improve our warehouses and their functionality.

The responsible and effective management of large amounts of donations is a major challenge in humanitarian aid. It requires organization, advanced skills in logistics and a systemized strategy to cater to needs quickly. From February 2015 until the present day, our team has established and been managing three such warehouses across Greece and one in Serbia.



Our team designed a railing system for clothes that fits inside a truck. We park our truck and distribute clothes through our TruckShop in numerous refugee camps and other living complexes. Our free mobile TruckShop is filled with items so that every resident can find their proper sizes and can choose clothing according to their individual style. We even serve tea while people wait to enter the shop.


Leading up to winter of 2016, most camps in Northern Greece were either completely open, without any form of shelter, or in unsatisfactory rundown warehouses, unprotected from harsh weather conditions. Most refugees lived in tents without adequate insulation from the cold.
Despite promises of winterisation, little was happening to protect the people living in camps from the consequences of a harsh and relentless winter.

One of the most pressing concerns was the lack of appropriate winter clothing. This very basic need was not met to an adequate standard. This is where our mobile TruckShop idea originated. In autumn 2016 we decided to build our TruckShop and take it to as many camps as possible in an attempt to provide access to winter clothing – and it is still being used to this day.




In addition to our mobile TruckShop we have also built permanent distribution centres in camps to facilitate the need for regular clothing distributions. Building these centres ensures that clothing and hygiene needs are met while people have the freedom to enter a ‘shop’ and choose items they require.


We have established this already in Greece and currently implementing it in Serbia. By doing this our knowledge of effective distribution systems is transferred to organizations who are permanently present in the camps. This enables them to continue distributions that offer choice independently once we leave.




To  foster independence and to cater to a more spread out population we designed and established a free, trendy ‘boutique’ social store which is easily accessible by public transport. It supplies refugees and disadvantaged people in the Greek community with clothing, hygiene and household items.


The situation in Northern Greece has steadily improved over the last few months. Most people have been moved out of camps and into apartment complexes and hotels across the region.

This makes it difficult to access people in need of clothing who are not living in camps. Our social store uses a simple and easy online registration system which is translated in 6 languages including Greek. The store is visited by an average of 40-50 persons per day.